Les Sœurs de Noé logotype

Contacted by Agence Chic, I designed the logo of a newly founded perfume house by Nadia Benaisa. The creation of the bottle is entrusted to the famous Parisian Designer Pierre Dinand. The colors of the Les Sœurs de Noé are inspired by a necklace belonging to a selection of jewelry proposed by Pierre Dinand to a Grand Couturier for a project in 1977. Despite its original beauty, it was not selected, Agence Chic revived it. The idea was also to create a monogram allowing the future to form rich and varied patterns.

Art direction & photography: Agence chic


perfume parfum france paris maroc

logo maison parfum soeurs de noé

packaging luxe type custom lettering flacon

packaging luxe pierre dianand

logo monogram pattern motif



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