Gingerminds logo improvement

The web agency Gingerminds which help companies in their digital transformation has recently re-thought its identity and its logo. Initially the team carried out numerous tests internally without being able to find a definitive solution. So I accompanied them to improve their tracks, test a few options and finalize their logo.


The initial work was to define the elements to improve: the recognition of the letter -G- so as not to be able to confuse it with a -C-, the letter spacing which can be increased in order to improve readability in small sizes , the thickness of the -R- which does not seem to be uniform, the weight of the baseline which seems too light and finally the length of the leg of the -R- which can become more visible and create a parallel with the -M-.

Once these first elements were modified, we tested several options, both for the shape of the -G- and for the shape of the letter endings, either straight, slightly rounded or a mix of both. Comparing these different options has helped us to clarify our choices.


Finally, we had to create an "avatar", an optimized version of the logo for social networks and test the whole before finalizing the design.





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