Adieu Cayenne!

The Collectif Carré Cousu Collé (of which I am a member) has teamed up with Bookster to publish an orginal book-poster about "Adieu Cayenne!" book from Albert Londres. The book tells the story of the escape of a prisoner from a jail in Cayenne, Guyane in the 1930s.


As the story takes place in the tropics, the colors of the poster are inspired by landscapes of the book; whether in Guyana or Brazil, the jungle, the sea, the river, the mud, the moving sands serve as scenery for history. These colors intermingle in the poster evoking the inextricable jungle.

couleur guyane cayenne jungle tropique jungle

In addition to color, the other central element of the poster is typography, it was designed specifically for this project. Albert Londres being a journalist, the reference to the newspapers typefaces of the beginning of the century appeared obvious.

journal newspaper didot didone title typeface

Newspaper cover "L'ouest Éclair" – january, 1916. (Source: BnF >

So I get inspired by early-century newspaper headlines to design a typeface evoking this era while having a modern style. The width of the letters is sufficiently condensed to take up as little space as possible and angular endings evoke the harshness of the trials that the hero passes through.

revival didot typeface typedesign

poster book bookster gif layout print

jane nantes vernissage shop party people art

adieu cayenne bookster albert londres

pierre assouline bookshop librairie

book vitrine shop

You can purchase this bookster here!

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