Nomade magazine

French/Arabic bilingual magazine designed to show one of my typeface in use : Batutah. Nomade talks about travel, art, social issues and also fashion. The idea is to talk about these issues in treating both the West as the East culture. Creation of the layout and typography.

104p. / 18x26,7cm / 120gr / four-color / 30ex


nomade magazine cover latin arabic esad amiens

sommaire content magazine editorial design

spread magazine design esad amiens batutah typeface

typeface typedesign editorial design header title heading caps paragraph batutah text

ispahan iran title spread batutah farsi persian

alhambra title page batutah display caps

batutah text zoom insert page text

sweden layout editorial design school project esad amiens magazine spread

art quatar article batutah typeface latin arabic farsi urdu

zoom caption batutah typeface text regular

art magazine spread nomade project

article 5 designers batutah display typeface

Olympic games jeux olympiques sotchi article nomade magazine

zoom batutah typeface

billions euros sotchi games article spread magazine esad amiens

caption caps italic

fashion spread magazine

ispahan iran article arabic tourism

al hambra granada andalucia spain tourisme nomade magazine

zoom arabic typeface multiscript batutah thierry fetiveau

fashion layout magazine graphic design

product design france arabic typeface magazine

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