Si on se touchait ?

Creation of a new logo for the association
"Si on se touchait ?" (if we touched?).
This organization educate women to learn about their bodies for a better prevention of breast cancer. The tone of this association
is young and uninhibited, the logo reflects this position.


The association was looking for a logo that represents its values, so a form that is friendly, feminine and uninhibited. This brief led me to do some tests with a brush pen. Then I redraw these tracks with a pencil in order to increase the level of detail.

I have selected two tracks from this research both scripts. It reflects the values?
of the association by expressing it in two different ways. The left track was chosen
and modified in certain aspects like the S+i connection.

Then, test colors were made. It's finally the red color on the right which was chosen for its contrast on a white background and its relationship with the color of the previous logo.



Connexion a la base impossible